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Office supplies

Free tender template for office supplies services

Office supplies

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Considering improving your office supplies procurement process? The following free template supplies you with all the crucial questions you should ask your potential office supplies vendors to solicit the most advantageous proposals. Ensure you are fully prepared before releasing a tender. Having a thorough understanding of your office needs, awareness of the market trends, and comprehension of your company's budget constraints can significantly influence the quality of your tender and the proposals that follow. Does your company strive for sustainability and responsible sourcing? Then make sure to have the right questions ready for your vendors about the eco-friendliness and ethical sourcing of their office supplies.

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Request for information (RFI)

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Request for quote (RFQ)

*The RfQ details requirements for each office supply item, with quantities and units clearly stated. The 'Price per unit' column should be populated with the cost of each individual item unit in EURO, and 'Total Price' should be calculated as the product of quantity and unit price. The supplier's ability to meet these requirements and provide competitive pricing will be a crucial factor in the selection process.

*The templates shared by Valcori are meant for general reference and may not suit every specific requirement. Users must independently assess the templates' suitability and accept full responsibility for their utilization. Valcori shall not be accountable for any adverse outcomes resulting from their use.

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