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Safeguard industry compliance

Guarantee compliance with industry standards, internal guidelines and ESG criteria. Furthermore, you gain valuable insights into internal actions, all while ensuring security measures to protect and control sensitive data.

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Guarantee ESG compliance

Confirm that your suppliers are thoroughly benchmarked against predominant ESG standards and make sure to collaborate with reliable future-proof vendors.


Align with industry standards

Automatically check your sourcing requests for compliance with general procurement and industry-specific standards (e.g. supplier certifications, data privacy, ethical sourcing standards, etc.)

Elevate auditability & traceability

Keeping detailed logs of activity within the platform allows for transparency and accountability. You’ll always remain a clear overview on who’s done what & when.


Manage accessibility

Guarantee that sensitive data is accessible only to authorized personnel with Valcori’s robust role-based access system. Safeguard your information with the highest level of security.

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A global community of buyers and suppliers

With a growing community of procurement professionals, we are dedicated to make your sourcing processes more efficient and pragmatic.

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