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Blend business
& procurement teams

Gather colleagues from across the organisation and enable them to cooperate on a single source of truth. Delegate tasks, communicate across departments and monitor progress in one cohesive space.

No credit card required.

Make sourcing a team effort

Invite your colleagues into the heart of the sourcing process. Valcori enables more accurate communications between teams and improved supplier selection, ultimately leading to better decisions.

Team collaboration
Team collaboration

Supervise accessibility

Assign roles and responsibilities to each of your colleagues. You maintain control, directing each move with precision, while your team has access to exactly what they need.

Delegate assignments

Efficiently allocate tasks, track your team's progress, and tag colleagues in events whenever their input is required. Become the maestro of your team's symphony.

Team collaboration
Team collaboration

Communicate seamlessly

Say goodbye to cluttered email threads for quick discussions. With Valcori, all communication is centralized and close to the core, keeping your focus on what truly matters.

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A global community of buyers and suppliers

With a growing community of procurement professionals, we are dedicated to make your sourcing processes more efficient and pragmatic.

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