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Streamline supplier interactions

Say goodbye to juggling Excels and emails between hundreds of suppliers. All sourcing events, documents and supplier communications are centralised and auditable. Easy, for both you and your suppliers.

No credit card required.

Centralize file management

Eliminate the chaos of disrupted and outdated Excel files across various devices. All document fill-ins and updates by suppliers and colleagues are centrally executed, reducing errors to a minimum.

Supplier management
Supplier management

Offer smooth supplier interface

Don’t just enjoy the benefits of Valcori for yourself, but do your suppliers a favour! They can fill-in your sourcing requests intuitively in the platfom and invite their own team to fill the gaps.

Chat, negotiate and Q&A

Tired of managing hundreds of supplier mails? Valcori facilitates chat, supplier Q&A, document transfer, and price negotiations in one unified space.

Supplier management
Supplier management

Monitor supplier progress

Tracking your suppliers’ progress becomes a breeze. See where each request stands at a glance and send automated follow-ups to suppliers accordingly.

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A global community of buyers and suppliers

With a growing community of procurement professionals, we are dedicated to make your sourcing processes more efficient and pragmatic.

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