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Office cleaning

Free professional office cleaning service tender template

Office cleaning

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Seeking to make your office environment cleaner and more productive? The following free template provides you with all the pertinent questions you can pose to your office cleaning service providers to ensure you receive the best proposals. Make sure you are well-prepared before sending out a tender. Having a comprehensive understanding of your cleaning needs, space specifics, and health and safety regulations upfront can significantly influence the quality of your tender and the proposals you receive. Is your company committed to maintaining a healthy and environmentally-friendly workspace? Then make sure to have the right questions prepared for your potential service providers about the eco-friendliness of their cleaning practices.

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Request for information (RFI)

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Request for quote (RFQ)

*The required cleaning frequency specified in the RfQ should be interpreted as the number of days per week that cleaning services are expected to be provided for each facility. For example, if the cleaning frequency is mentioned as "5 days per week," it means that the facility should be cleaned on any five days of the week, with the remaining days being left without cleaning. The cleaning schedule can be spread across the week as deemed necessary by the cleaning service provider, as long as the facility is cleaned for the specified number of days. It is important for the cleaning service provider to adhere to the agreed-upon cleaning frequency to ensure that the facility is consistently maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

*The templates shared by Valcori are meant for general reference and may not suit every specific requirement. Users must independently assess the templates' suitability and accept full responsibility for their utilization. Valcori shall not be accountable for any adverse outcomes resulting from their use.

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