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Letter to supplier

Free general tender document template

Letter to supplier

Optimize your tendering process with our comprehensive General RfP template, designed to streamline your procurement and elicit high-quality responses from potential vendors. Whether you're just beginning your tender journey or are an established business seeking to improve your RfP process, Valcori is here to help. Our General RfP template, crafted by industry experts, includes all the necessary elements - from company introductions to detailed evaluation criteria - ensuring you communicate your requirements clearly, efficiently, and effectively.

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Confidentiality disclaimer

[Insert confidentiality disclaimer]

Terms & abbreviations

Company introduction

[Insert company introduction]

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RFI template in Valcori

Request for proposal

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is the culmination of an extensive market analysis and identification of potential opportunities, diligently conducted by our dedicated internal team. We have meticulously structured the requirements for the energy supply services needed in a clear format. 

We expect the bidders to reciprocate with clear and direct responses to these requirements, as defined within the scope of this RFP.  All proposals should be submitted strictly via the procurement platform Valcori in one of the following digital formats via the digital formats: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx), or PDF (.pdf). 

This allows us to facilitate a seamless and efficient review process.  Please be aware that our organization reserves the right to disregard any late submissions, incomplete responses, or proposals that do not comply with the specified submission format and procedures outlined in this RFP. Non-compliant responses will not be entertained.  It is imperative that your responses are direct, concise, and complete. Any failure to provide a response to an item will be interpreted as an inability to provide the corresponding service. This may adversely affect the evaluation of your proposal. While additional supporting information in the form of appendices is welcome, it is important that the main body of your response should be self-sufficient, referencing appendices for details where necessary.  

Our organization will thoroughly review all material submitted. However, our primary focus will be on the material that directly addresses our needs, as outlined in the requirements of this RFP. We look forward to engaging with [insert service/product] providers who can meet our specific demands and maintain the high cleanliness standards that our organization aspires to uphold.


Contact person

[Insert contact person: Name - Title - Email - Phone number]

Written questions

Should participating suppliers have any questions regarding this RFP, they are required to submit them in writing and may email them to the designated contact person in accordance with the schedule set out in the timeline. 

Our organization is not obliged to respond to any inquiries received after the deadline or submitted in any manner other than as instructed above. All questions will be answered in writing and, if deemed necessary, responses will be distributed to all participating suppliers.

Proposal submission

Proposals must be received according to the schedule outlined in the timeline. Any proposal received after the specified deadline will not be considered. All communication should be conducted in English.

Ensuring that proposals are delivered by the stipulated deadline is solely the responsibility of the participating supplier. Our organization will not be held responsible for, nor accept as a valid excuse, any delays in the method of delivery used by the supplier, unless it can be established that our organization was the exclusive cause of the late receipt.

Evaluation criteria

All proposals received in accordance with these RFP instructions will be evaluated to determine if they are complete and meet the requirements specified in this RFP. After the evaluation of the proposal and the samples a short list will be created and the suppliers mentioned on that short list will be contacted to prepare for actions the testing, the supplier audits and the contract negotiation.  

The following criteria will be considered in evaluating the proposals:

  • Quality and completeness of the proposal.

  • Supplier’s qualifications.

  • Supplier’s experience, particularly with similar projects.

  • References.

  • Pricing.

  • [Other]

*The templates shared by Valcori are meant for general reference and may not suit every specific requirement. Users must independently assess the templates' suitability and accept full responsibility for their utilization. Valcori shall not be accountable for any adverse outcomes resulting from their use.

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