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Free IT service tender template

IT services

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Welcome to our Digital IT Services Tender Template. Designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, this template serves as a foundational blueprint for organizations seeking IT partnerships. Navigate through sections detailing service scope, submission guidelines, and evaluation parameters. Customize as per your organization's nuances and invite providers to align their offerings with your digital vision.

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Request for information (RFI)

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Request for quote (RFQ)

*"Total Price" entries in the RFQ table should be inclusive of any associated costs, licensing, or potential maintenance fees within the scope of the specified service duration. Service providers are urged to provide a comprehensive breakdown where applicable. It's essential for the IT service provider to ensure that services match the specifications detailed in the "Item Description" and are delivered as per the "Unit" requirements mentioned.

*The templates shared by Valcori are meant for general reference and may not suit every specific requirement. Users must independently assess the templates' suitability and accept full responsibility for their utilization. Valcori shall not be accountable for any adverse outcomes resulting from their use.

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