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Confidentiality Disclaimer

Confidentiality Disclaimer

Considering the inclusion of a robust Confidentiality Agreement in your tender documents? This free template is specifically designed for tenders that will be sent to suppliers. It encompasses all vital aspects to ensure the utmost protection of your sensitive information during the tendering process. Before dispatching any tender, it's imperative to be fully aware of the sensitive data at stake and to have established clear confidentiality parameters. Does your business prioritize data security? If so, make sure you incorporate relevant questions within your tender, probing potential suppliers about the precautions and measures they have in place to guarantee data protection and privacy.

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Confidentiality Disclaimer

This Request for Proposal (RFP) and all associated documentation, whether transmitted electronically or in hard copy, and any subsequent discussions or disclosures are confidential and intended solely for the recipient or recipient organization. The contents must not be disclosed in whole or part to any third parties without the express written permission of our organization.

The information contained in this RFP is provided in good faith. However, it is subject to change without notice and is not binding on our organization unless expressly incorporated into a formal, written agreement. Recipients of this RFP are responsible for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of their responses.

By responding to this RFP, respondents agree to keep the information contained herein and any related communications confidential. Furthermore, respondents confirm that they will only use the information for the purpose of preparing and submitting a response, and to meet any subsequent contractual obligations.

Any violation of this confidentiality disclaimer may lead to disqualification from the tendering process and may result in legal actions for breach of confidentiality.

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*The templates shared by Valcori are meant for general reference and may not suit every specific requirement. Users must independently assess the templates' suitability and accept full responsibility for their utilization. Valcori shall not be accountable for any adverse outcomes resulting from their use.

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