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How to get upfront approval of my own Terms & Conditions?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

We often see that at the end of the Sourcing Process and upon finalization of the Tender a lot of Sourcing people still have to negotiate their (own) Terms & Conditions (T&C) with a supplier who might have the feeling that he already is selected of at least in pole position to get selected.

The further we enter into the tender process, we see a clear shift in the power balance from our company towards the supplier. If you only think about the right T&Cs at the end of the tendering process, you are simply too late. On the contrary, if we include our T&Cs at the very beginning of our tendering process (i.e. at the moment none of the invited suppliers is supposed to have a competitive advantage) or even make it mandatory for suppliers to accept our T&Cs to participate in a tendering process, we just optimize our position in the power balance and hence avoid a lot of boring and rather admin oriented activities at the end of the tendering process.

The end of the tendering process should be a moment of celebration and not a dull moment of legal contracting. Valcori allows you to put the acceptance and negotiation of the T&C at the beginning of the process and helps you to make speed in favor of the timelines of your Internal Clients.


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