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About Valcori

Valcori embodies the three pillars of all sourcing decisions: value, cost and risk.

With 100+ years of sourcing and tendering combined experience of our product owners, Valcori is uniquely positioned to streamline the tendering journey and improve businesses’ bottom lines.

Our mission

Our tender solutions enable sourcing teams to save time in tendering process and create sustainable relationships with their suppliers.

Our Story

Missed opportunities can result from traditional tendering methods that lack transparency and efficiency. 

For that reason, we created Valcori, a digital platform that streamlines and optimizes the tendering process for greater efficiency and transparency.

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A meeting with the Valcori team.
Building an application (vector art)

Valcori’s driving forces, Stef Brismoutier, Frank Deferm & Kris Smet have extensive experience in strategic definition, category management, sourcing, tendering, procurement, purchasing and S2C as well as P2P roles across industries.

In 2020, they partnered with the innovative product studio Panenco to develop Valcori, a state-of-the-art software for tender management.

Leadership team

Frank, Partner & Product Owner of Valcori

Frank Deferm

Partner & Product Owner

With 25+ years in procurement, Frank is turning his practical experience into a digitalized workflow.

Stef, Partner & Business Developer of Valcori

Stef Brismoutier

Partner & Business Developer

Stef is a managing partner at Progressio, a top procurement and consulting firm in Europe, handling both strategic and tactical projects.

Jordi, Product Manager of Valcori

Jordi Vandenhouwe

Product Manager

Jordi uses his vast experience in product development trajectories to prioritize and deliver value to Valcori’s user base.

Kris, Partner & Business Developer of Valcori

Kris Smet

Partner & Business Developer

Kris, with a track record of leading roles in major European corporations, is now responsible for Valcori's commercial side.

Egwin, Partner & Operations Lead of Valcori

Egwin Avau

Partner & Operations Lead

Egwin is the CEO of the digital product studio Panenco – the key partner in Valcori’s development and growth. 

Ruben, Product Manager of Valcori

Ruben Opdenakker

Product Manager

Ruben leverages his expertise to drive growth for the platform and enhance customer experience.

A buyer uses Valcori

Ready to see what Valcori can do for you?

Start your free trial or request a demo by scheduling a call: look inside our functionality and features and explore our solution.
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