7 steps to smarter tendering

Valcori allows you to organize your entire tendering process in 7 easy steps.

Create your tender

Add a new tender to your team. (screenshot of app)

Prepare requests

Multiple choice questions for your questionnaire as request.
Closed questions

Use multiple choice questions to easily check cross-functional requirements. Assign weights to highlight the importance level and put red flags on undesirable answers. 

Open questions

Fine-tune your supplier selection process with an additional set of open questions.

Sheet as request.

An easy-to-compare Request for Quotation (RFQ) mechanism enabling you to select the right partner from a cost perspective

Open questions for your questionnaire as request.

Select questions from the library

Template questions.
Categories for template library.

Invite suppliers

Invite supplier tab. (screenshot of app)

Analyse answers

Analyze suppliers' answers in a structured overview.

Select your winning supplier(s)

Select your winning supplier with our built-in scoring algorithm.

Negotiate & sign

Use our chatfunction to negotiate with suppliers and sign contracts.

Discover our library of product videos

Check out our product videos to see Valcori in action or try it out right away with our Beta