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Build, launch and manage requests

Let our AI algorithm help you in creating RfI’s and RfQ’s efficiently


Request for Information (RfI)

Create a questionnaire with relevant questions in no time. Don’t know which questions to ask? Leverage our expert template questions, save your own organisation questions or use the AI builder for inspiration.

Request for Quotation (RfQ)

No need to send excel files back and forth with your suppliers to receive pricing information. Generate pricing sheets, let suppliers complete them directly in Valcori and keep everything in one place.

Optimise your procurement process


Automate your workflows

Leverage our built-in scoring system, automatic supplier reminders and notifications to work in the most efficient way possible.

Streamline supplier interactions

Follow up on the status of each of your suppliers and communicate with them along the way.

A list of audit service providers

Involve all stakeholders

Tendering is a team effort. Invite your direct colleagues, grant custom access rights to internal stakeholders and keep an audit trial at all times.

Report on tender results

Demonstrate savings across tenders, measure tender efficiency in your dashboard and keep your leadership up to date.

Integrate easily

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